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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Scripps News: Employment Attorney Andrew Lieb Talks about In-N-Out Banning Workers From Wearing Masks on Scripps

In Attorney Andrew Lieb's discussion about the legality of In-N-Out's mask policy with Scripps News, Lieb emphasizes its potential issues regarding discrimination. Although it's legal in the majority of states as a general matter, the way the policy is worded could inadvertently lead to discrimination by not providing exemptions for religious reasons. He suggests that employees might have a chance to oppose this policy through unionization, concerted activity, or lawsuits related to religious accommodations and disability accommodations. 

Before pursuing a medical exemption, Lieb advises employees to consult a discrimination lawyer to better understand what counts as a statutorily recognized disability that would qualify for such an exemption. He also addresses the problematic nature of the restaurant chain's requirement for only company-provided masks, which could fail to accommodate those who might need different kinds of masks due to their religion or medical condition. He specifically points out that "Many Muslim women might need to cover their face. So the way they articulate it is really problematic and potentially discriminatory."

FOX LiveNOW: Legal Political Analyst Andrew Lieb Talks About Trump Expecting To Be Indicted Over January 6.

In this interview with FOX liveNOW, Attorney Andrew Lieb unpacks the emerging legal crisis facing 16 Michigan residents who have been indicted for allegedly forging documents tied to the 2020 election as fake electors. While the First Amendment guarantees their right to advocate for Donald Trump's election victory, it does not permit fraudulent actions, such as posing as electors when they clearly were not.

Lieb also delves into the curious case of Trump's unique approach to legal challenges. The former president's strategy of pre-empting legal indictments via social media puzzles many from a legal standpoint, yet it effectively rallies his supporters in the political context.

Analysing Trump's current predicament, Lieb suggests that an indictment over his involvement in the January 6 events appears increasingly probable, given the current trajectory of the investigations.

Key Points:

  • Serious charges loom over 16 Michigan residents for allegedly falsifying and filing elector documents.
  • Trump's preemptive social media tactics might score political points but are legally confounding.
  • A looming indictment for Trump appears likely considering the "target" letter and the progression of investigations so far.

In Lieb's words, "It's a legally bewildering scenario. You can just picture his attorneys at their wit's end, wondering why he's openly taunting prosecutors. From a legal perspective, this is an unorthodox, almost reckless approach."

Friday, June 09, 2023

Scripps News: Attorney Andrew Lieb Talking About Donald Trump Being Indicted In The Classified Documents Case

Andrew Lieb, a renowned constitutional attorney, was recently invited to provide expert commentary on Scripps News regarding the groundbreaking indictments of former President Donald Trump in Florida and Washington DC. The charges range from mishandling classified documents to violating the Espionage Act.

Lieb described the indictments as shocking due to their sheer magnitude. He highlighted that the incident marked a significant moment in U.S. history, where a former president was facing legal scrutiny on this scale. 

He also addressed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's public backlash against the indictment, which he deemed as a severe injustice and an unprecedented politicization of the judiciary.

According to Lieb, it is essential to appreciate that no one, including a former president, is above the law. At the same time, he noted that the case could set a precedent where potential public office candidates must maintain impeccable records to avoid similar legal scrutiny.

Lieb underlined the potential political implications of the indictment, suggesting that while it could benefit Trump in terms of visibility and fundraising amidst a crowded nomination field, the former president should prioritize his legal defense over political aspirations due to the severity of the charges.

The attorney eloquently captured the dilemma many Americans are currently grappling with: the desire for the rule of law to prevail versus the fear of potential political witch-hunts. In Lieb's view, the resolution of this case could significantly impact public trust in our judicial system and the very foundations of our democracy.

Friday, December 16, 2022

First Amendment at Risk with Republican Obscenity Bills

The SCREEN Act is a good step in the direction of having the FCC regulate websites. As a parent, we need age verification technology to ensure that children cannot access inappropriate content. That said, restricting pornography from the underaged is not enough. Hopefully, amendments to the Act will go further and restrict other topics like alcohol, drugs, guns, and as every parent will tell you, in-game purchases. If that seems like an overreach based on restricting ambiguous terms, which will give the government way too much unchecked power and not respect individual liberty, then you agree with the Supreme Court, which has historically found that all prior similar acts by Congress were not undertaken in the least restrictive means possible to protect a compelling government interest. Think about it this way, is a minor who is 7 years old the same as one who is 17 and should they have the same restrictions? Also, what does pornography mean anyway? Does it include anatomy pictures or health lessons? In short, this law is tone deaf to reality.

Speaking about what pornography means, Senator Mike Lee also wants to define it in his Interstate Obscenity Definition Act. While this is a great concept because pornography is now nationally available, rather than locally available, it includes terrible execution by the Senator. As any Avenue Q fan can tell you, the internet is for porn. Well, not for Mike Lee if he has his way. The Senator wants almost all pornography to be swept under the rubric of obscenity and therefore, not subject to First Amendment Protections. Whatever happened to fighting for our Constitution? Under our Constitution, as opined by former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger, one can only define obscenity by first applying the contemporary community standards of a work, as a whole. Senator Lee appears to believe himself smarter than the learned Justice and his Bill to create a national pornography definition law changes the line between obscenity and protected speech by ignoring the time period that the work is evaluated, a review of it in its entirety, and, most importantly, the use of community standards. Hopefully, the Democratic Senate blocks this Bill from going anywhere fast as restricting speech is always a slippery slope.

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

NEWSY: Supreme Court Hears Case Of Web Designer Who Doesn't Want To Work On Same-Sex Weddings. Analysis with Attorney Andrew Lieb

Supreme Court Hears Case Of Web Designer Who Doesn't Want To Work On Same-Sex Weddings. Legal Analysis With Legal Political Analyst Andrew Lieb on Newsy Tonight With Chance Seales.


Wednesday, August 24, 2022

CBS NY: Attorney Andrew Lieb Answers Questions about Diplomatic Immunity


South Sudan diplomat accused of rape not yet facing charges, raising questions about diplomatic immunity. Attorney Andrew Lieb appears on CBS NY to answer questions.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Newsweek Interviews Attorney Andrew Lieb on Amber Heard's New Legal Team

Amber Heard's New Legal Team a 'Smart Move' for Next Court Battle. Attorney Andrew Lieb is featured in Newsweek providing an analysis. CLICK HERE for the article.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Newsweek Interviews Attorney Andrew Lieb on Amber Heard Appealing Depp Verdict

ABC 4: Strategies to Purchase Property Post Pandemic. Interview with Attorney Andrew Lieb


ABC 4 in Utah interviewed Attorney Andrew Lieb on his book "10 Strategies to Purchase Property Post Pandemic". 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

NBC WRAL: Author Andrew Lieb Interview on Real Estate Strategies

NBC Affiliate WRAL interviewed Author Andrew Lieb on the book "10 Strategies To Purchase Property Post Pandemic". 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

NewsNation: Class Action Lawsuit Claims Skittles Are 'Unfit For Human Consumption'. Analysis with Attorney Andrew Lieb


Attorney Andrew Lieb appears on NewsNation to discuss the class action lawsuit claiming Skittles are "Unfit For Human Consumption". 

Thursday, July 14, 2022

CBS: Brooklyn landlord fed up with tenant not paying rent since 2019. Analysis with Andrew Lieb


Attorney Andrew Lieb joined CBS to discuss the latest for Landlords. Evictions aren't straightforward and simple. There are many delay strategies available to tenants and landlord's need to invest in legal representation that knows how to overcome these strategies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Can NY Landlords Ban Firearms?

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

NEWS 12: Attorney Andrew Lieb on News 12 Talking About The Landmark Supreme Court Issues


Attorney Andrew Lieb joined News12 to review all the landmark Supreme Court rulings from this term and how they impact you. We answered live social media questions on topics such as Guns, Abortion, School Prayer and more. You don't want to miss this if you care about your rights.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Court TV: Jan 6 Confirmation Hearings: Legal & Political Analysis with Andrew Lieb

 Attorney Andrew Lieb joins Court TV to discuss the January 6th Confirmation Hearings. 

FOX 5: Supreme Court Curbs EPA’s Climate Powers. Analysis with Attorney Andrew Lieb


Attorney Andrew Lieb analysis Supreme Court curbing EPA's climate powers on FOX 5 NY. 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

CBS NY: NY State Legislature To Take Up New Gun Bill. Legal Analysis w/ Constitutional Attorney Andrew Lieb


With guns, we need to separate our policy evaluation from our constitutional analysis. While Governor Hochul's proposals may be good policy, they are surely greater than the instructions of SCOTUS and if enacted, will likely result in yet another gun case before the high court. Attorney Andrew Lieb was interviewed on CBS NY on 6/29/22. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Court TV: Supreme Court Sides With HS Coach in Prayer Case. Analysis with Constitutional Attorney Andrew Lieb

Attorney Andrew Lieb joins Court TV to analyze the Supreme Court case with the High School Coach in Prayer. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

CBS NY: Judge blocks NYC Law Allowing Noncitizens To Vote. Legal Analysis with Attorney Andrew Lieb

Andrew Lieb joins CBS NY and provides an analysis on the State's constitution regarding the judge blocking NYC law allowing noncitizens to vote. 

Newsy: New Privacy Concerns For Employees Seeking To Get Abortions Out-Of-State w/ Attorney Andrew Lieb

Attorney Andrew Lieb joins Newsy to discuss new privacy concerns for employees seeking to get abortions out-of-state.