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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Scripps News: The State of the House Without a Speaker: Attorney Andrew Lieb Discusses the Ongoing Leadership Battle in Congress

In this Scripps News interview, Attorney Andrew Lieb answers questions about the ongoing Speaker battle in the House of Representatives. He is asked about there being no limit on votes for Speaker, Patrick McHenry's duties and powers as Speaker Pro Tem, if McHenry could become president in the line of succession, if Hakeem Jeffries could become Speaker if he receives a majority of votes, if legislation could pass under a Speaker Pro Tem, and if Congress can change its own rules similar to proposals to amend the Second Amendment. The interview covers Lieb's responses on the rules governing Speaker votes, McHenry temporarily serving as Speaker, Jeffries or others becoming Speaker, Congress's ability to pass bills in the interim, and the different processes for changing Congressional rules versus amending the Constitution.