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Monday, April 30, 2018

Renewing An Expired Real Estate License in New York

A licensee (salesperson or broker) can renew their license anytime within two years of the expiration date. Of course they cannot use the license once it is expired, but they do have two years to renew it before any penalties are imposed.

If the license is expired and has not been expired for over two years, they can renew the license online as long as there is a broker of record in place and they have completed the required continuing education. If they were terminated/cancelled by their previous broker, a broker must pick them up using the brokers eAccess account before they can submit an online renewal.   

If the license has been expired for over two years, the record becomes null and void. At this point the licensee must retake and pass the NY licensing examination and can then reapply for a license. No continuing education is required to reapply as they are starting over. No qualifying education is required as long as they have a record in the Department of State system or can prove that they were previously issued a license.