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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

NY Real Estate Course Cultural Competency

In New York all real estate licensees (real estate salespersons, brokers, and associate brokers) must receive 22.5 hours of continuing education every 2 years to stay licensed. Part of the requirement is a 2 hour class on cultural competency. 

Lieb School offers a web-based video (on-demand) class that satisfies the NY continuing education requirement of cultural competency. This course also satisfies the cultural competency requirement to obtain a broker's license. 

To learn more about and register for the Cultural Competency class CLICK HERE. 

For more information on our on-demand real estate continuing education courses and $99 license renewal package CLICK HERE. 

All Lieb School courses are instructed by Attorney Andrew Lieb. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

NY Real Estate Qualifying Education Update for Broker Applicants

Recent legislation revising the Real Estate Property Law regarding the qualifying education requirements for real estate brokers was recently adopted.  Effective September 21, 2022, all individuals applying for a real estate broker license must complete two hours of instruction pertaining to cultural competency. 

In order to satisfy the new education requirements, broker applicants will be allowed to submit proof of completing a 2-hour continuing education course on cultural competency.


Please note: Effective December 21 ,2022, the 45-hour broker course will increase to 75 hours and includes cultural competency training.

Lieb School offers the 2 hour cultural competency course. You can register for it here. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Podcast | Foreclosures & Mortgage Modifications - Perspective From The Lender

You can't just decide to stop paying your mortgage without consulting with your Lender. 

In Episode 42, Andrew and Lauren breakdown the cost/benefit analysis of whether you deserve a mortgage modification. We discuss foreclosure lawsuits, mortgage terms and what motivates a modification from your lenders perspective.

In Episode 43, From the initial phone call to the bank, we go through how to get a mortgage forbearance agreement and understand the terms before you find yourself with a much bigger problem. Bob Lund leads the residential lending department at Bethpage Federal Credit Union and shares insights from his perspective.

Monday, March 02, 2020

Podcast | Real Estate Tips: Business Planning

Friday, February 07, 2020

Recent Legal Matters CE Course & DOS Guidance on Paying Landlord's Agents

Last night, 2/6/2020, we were thrilled to have a packed house attending our new CE - Recent Legal Matters.

Image may contain: 10 people, people sitting and indoor

While not specifically a course topic, the DOS Guidance's Additional FAQs (updated: 1/31/2020) was brought up by students. Specifically, students inquired about FAQ #5:
5. CAN A LANDLORD’S AGENT COLLECT A “BROKER FEE” FROM THE PROSPECTIVE TENANT? No, a landlord’s agent cannot be compensated by the prospective tenant for bringing about the meeting of the minds. NY RPL § 238-a(1)(a) provides, in part, “no landlord, lessor, sub-lessor or grantor may demand any payment, fee, or charge for the processing, review or acceptance of an application, or demand any other payment, fee or charge before or at the beginning of the tenancy, except background checks and credit checks….” The fee to bring about the meeting of the minds would be a “payment, fee or charge before or at the beginning of the tenancy” other than a background or credit check as provided in this section. Accordingly, a landlord’s agent that collects a fee for bringing about the meeting of the minds between the landlord and tenant (i.e., the broker fee) from the tenant can be subject to discipline. 
What good timing for this to come up because our course materials included an explanation of the requirements for an agency (DOS) to issue a regulation, which were not undertaken with respect to this Guidance. As such, the Guidance is NOT law, but, instead an agency's interpretation of law. With respect to the Guidance constituting an interpretation rather than law, we explained how and when an agency's interpretation is given deference by the courts who are the co-equal branch of government with the constitutional authority to be the final voice on interpreting statutes (laws). Incident thereto, we shared the following quotes from case law with our students:
It is well settled that “[a]n agency's interpretation of its own regulation ‘is entitled to deference if that interpretation is not irrational or unreasonable’” &
“the question is one of pure statutory reading and analysis, dependent only on accurate apprehension of legislative intent, there is little basis to rely on any special competence or expertise of the  administrative agency and its interpretive regulations... And, of course, if the regulation runs counter to the clear wording of a statutory provision, it should not be accorded any weight.”
Oh, do we expect a legal battle on this issue. Stay tuned. It's going to get entertaining fast.

Friday, January 17, 2020

What Landlords & Brokers Can Discuss When Dealing With Tenants To Avoid Discrimination in Housing

Housing discrimination is very serious and exposes Landlords and Real Estate Brokers to major lawsuits for big money damages. Attorney Andrew Lieb, Esq. explains to real estate investors and brokers how to minimize exposure and not discriminate to potential tenants. Learn what to say and what not to say when dealing with prospective tenants to avoid getting sued.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Real Estate Brokers - Guess the Pass Rate on the Salesperson Exam from 9/17/19 to 12/16/19

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Real Estate Brokers - Guess How Many License Complaints DOS Received from 9/17/19 to 12/16/19

248 in 3 months

According to the Board of Real Estate Meeting

Of which DOS:

  • 121 closed
  • 2 withdrawan
  • 2 duplicates
  • 19 civil matter
  • 9 resolved
  • 8 no violation
  • 24 no jurisdiction
  • 11 insufficient evidence
  • 43 were holds placed on licensee's record to address brefore renew
  • 6 were referred to counsel for a hearing
Lieb School - where the law is followed

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Real Tips Real Estate: Closing Dates

A highly popular question in the transactional area of law. Does "on or about" or "on or before" mean on that date, around that date, within 30 days of that date? How can a buyer or seller plan for the closing date? Andrew Lieb, Esq explains what these terms mean and how to set expectations for buyers and sellers in this 3 minute clip.

Thursday, January 02, 2020


Monday, December 16, 2019

New Regulations To Combat Housing Discrimination

On December 16, 2019, Governor Cuomo announced new regulations to help fight housing discrimination. Pursuant to Gov. Cuomo’s announcement and the DOS Board of Real Estate meeting (from 35:15 to 1:10:40) from the same day, the regulations require the following:
  • Notification of Fair Housing laws: All prospective buyers, renters, sellers, and landlords receive the disclosure on fair housing and New York State Human Rights Law as furnished by the Department of State (similar to agency disclosure form, but with broader application). It must also be available at every open house or real estate showing conducted by a real estate professional. This will be known as 19 NYCRR 175.28.
  •  Posting of Fair Housing laws: Real estate brokers must also display and maintain at every office a notice highlighting the Human Rights Law’s protections and how complaints may be filed. It must be visible from the sidewalk or another conspicuous place and must also be displayed on all websites created and maintained by real estate brokers, salespersons and teams. The notice must also be posted at every open house conducted by a real estate professional. This will be known as 19 NYCRR 175.29. 
  • Video recording and record preservation: All entities approved to provide fair housing and/or discrimination training must record video and audio of every course in its entirety and must keep the recording for 1 year following the date the course was provided. This will be known as 19 NYCRR 177.9.
The proposed regulations will be published on the New York State Register and will be available for a public comment period of 60 days. Lieb Blog will post the proposed regulations once they are available. Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

DOS Notice to Licensees in Real Estate Brokerage

Licensees just received this notice on Fair Housing. Remember - discriminating in real estate can result in fines, license revocation, and huge judgment awards in lawsuits.

Lieb School is committed to ending discrimination in housing by educating licensees about behaviors that constitute inadvertent discrimination. Lieb School - Where the Law is Followed.

Dear Licensee:

Please see attached Fair Housing Guidance Document. This email is a reminder notification of your obligation as a Real Estate Licensee to adhere to the laws prohibiting discriminatory practices.

If you have any questions pertaining to this topic, please contact us at

Division of Licensing Services
NYS Department of State

Friday, November 22, 2019

Attorney Andrew Lieb's Fair Housing CE SALE | Online Video Real Estate Continuing Education

Elected officials have assured the public that they will be enforcing discrimination laws.

Beyond governmental enforcement, private discrimination lawsuits are about to flood the courts.

Did you know that the statute, Real Property Law §441(3)(c), requires that fair housing courses be taught by attorneys only? The statute states: It shall be taught by a qualified faculty with attorneys presenting legal subjects.

It's time to learn with Lieb. ALL of Lieb School's continuing education courses are in full compliance with applicable laws. Lieb School courses are developed and instructed by Attorney Andrew Lieb. Mr. Lieb has dedicated his legal practice to helping the real estate brokerage community comply with license law and prevent discrimination.

Your real estate license is your livelihood. Make sure you know how to do your job without discrimination. Lieb School is  your source to avoid being named in the next Newsday article .

Lieb School is now offering 20% off Online Video Courses. Use coupon code "LIEBFH19" at checkout. All packages include Fair Housing.

Register for Fair Housing Act to purchase the class without a package

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What RE Brokers that were previously exempt from CE need to know about the new CE requirements

NY Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons that were previously exempt from Continuing Education will no longer be exempt and will need to have completed the full CE requirements, including the new subjects prior to submitting a renewal on or after 7/1/2021.

They can begin taking continuing education 2 years prior to the expiration date of their current license. Keep in mind that only those submitting a renewal on or after 7/1/21 must meet the new requirements.

For example: A licensee with a current license renewal date of 9/1/19 to 8/31/21 would need to complete the education, and the courses would have to be completed in the 2 years immediately preceding the renewal (after 9/1/19 and before submitting the renewal). Any licensee who submits the renewal prior to 7/1/21 may claim the exemption one last time. 

NOW, all licensees must receive 22.5 hours of continuing education every 2 years to stay licensed. The 22.5 hours must include:
  • 3 hours on fair housing &/or discrimination
  • 2.5 hours on ethical business practices
  • 1 hour on recent legal matters governing the practice of real estate brokers and salespersons in New York, which may include statutes, laws, regulations, rules, codes, Department of State Opinions and Decisions, and Court Decisions 
  • 1 hour on the law of agency (2 hours in the initial 2-year cycle)
Lieb School has you covered! We are in the process of revamping our continuing education packages to comply with the new laws! 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Attention RE Brokers - No More CE Grandfathering + New Required Courses in CE

On 10/23/19, continuing education requirements for NYS real estate brokers, associate real estate brokers and real estate salespersons were changed by A6082. These changes are effective 7/1/21.

Lieb School has got you covered for your continuing education needs. Because our school's courses are written & taught by Andrew M. Lieb, Esq. we have been teaching the required courses this entire time! We know what topics you need to avoid getting sued while making money.

The new law creates 2 new categories of continuing education: "ethical business practices" & "recent legal matters" plus it eliminates grandfathering for brokers who were licensed 7/1/08.

NOW, all licensees must receive 22.5 hours of continuing education every 2 years to stay licensed. The 22.5 hours must include:

  • 3 hours on fair housing &/or discrimination
  • 2.5 hours on ethical business practices
  • 1 hour on recent legal matters governing the practice of real estate brokers and salespersons in New York, which may include statutes, laws, regulations, rules, codes, Department of State Opinions and Decisions, and Court Decisions 
  • 1 hour on the law of agency (2 hours in the initial 2-year cycle)

Amended RPL §441(3)(a) now states (capital is newly added & [] are deleted):

No renewal license shall be issued any licensee under this article for any license period commencing November first, nineteen hundred ninety five unless such licensee shall have within the two year period immediately preceding such renewal attended at least twenty-two and one-half hours which shall include at least three hours of instruction pertaining to fair housing and/or discrimination in the  sale or rental of real property or an interest in real property, AT LEAST TWO AND ONE-HALF HOURS OF INSTRUCTION PERTAINING TO ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES, AT LEAST ONE HOUR OF INSTRUCTION PERTAINING TO RECENT LEGAL MATTERS GOVERNING THE PRACTICE OF REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND SALESPERSONS IN NEW YORK WHICH MAY INCLUDE STATUTES, LAWS, REGULATIONS, RULES, CODES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE OPINIONS AND DECISIONS, AND COURT DECISIONS AND at least one hour of instruction pertaining to the law of agency except in the case of the initial two-year licensing term for real estate salespersons, two hours of agency related instruction must be completed, and successfully completed a continuing education real estate course or courses approved by the secretary of state as to method, content and  supervision, which approval may be withdrawn if in the opinion of the secretary of state such course or courses are not being conducted properly as to method, content and  supervision. For those individuals licensed pursuant to subdivision six of section four hundred forty-two-g of this article, in the individual's initial license term, at least eleven hours of the required twenty-two and one-half hours of continuing education shall be completed during the first year of the term. Of those eleven hours, three hours shall pertain to applicable New York state statutes and regulations governing the practice of real estate brokers and salespersons. To establish compliance with the continuing education requirements imposed by this section, licensees shall provide an affidavit, in a form acceptable to the department of state, establishing the nature of the continuing  education acquired and shall provide such further proof as required by the department of state. [The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to any licensed real estate broker who is engaged full time in the real estate business and who has been licensed under this article prior to July first, two thousand eight for at least fifteen consecutive years immediately preceding such renewal.]

Monday, February 11, 2019

Brokering Illegal Real Estate Is Like Selling Drugs

Monday, October 29, 2018

Attention Brokers - What should you do if your prospective seller has a Lis Pendens on their property with public records?

Most importantly, a Lis Pendens does not necessarily mean that there is a foreclosure on the property. Instead, a Lis Pendens simply means that a lawsuit has been filed against the property. This lawsuit could be a foreclosure, but it could also be a lawsuit for partition, adverse possession, prescriptive easement, constructive trust, specific performance, as well as many other topics.

So, first and foremost don't assume that there is a foreclosure on the property, but instead make inquiry as to the Lis Pendens.

  • Step 1 - Ask the homeowner the nature of the lawsuit on the property.
  • Step 2 - Inquire if you can talk to the homeowner's attorney to learn whether the lawsuit will be an impediment to selling the property (e.g., a specific performance lawsuit by a prior purchaser can make it impossible to sell the house whereas a foreclosure lawsuit with a house with equity remains a viable sale and a foreclosure lawsuit with a house without equity can be sold as a short sale).
  • Step 3 - Assuming the lawsuit is a foreclosure, determine when the lawsuit was filed with the county clerk because if it was years ago its going to be very hard to sell the house before the auction (i.e., you can sell up until the auction as long as the seller can payoff the loan or if the lender takes a short payoff) and the homeowner likely defaulted on the lawsuit (i.e., they lost for inaction).
  • Step 4 - If it is a foreclosure, help the homeowner to order payoff letters from their lenders in order to ascertain the precise amount owed (i.e., its not just the loan, but also the penalties, interest and attorneys' fees that are owed when the property is in foreclosure).  
  • Step 5 - Workup a brokers' price opinion for the house as a distressed sale.
  • Step 6 - Calculate closing costs for your seller.
  • Step 7 - Determine if the seller has enough equity to close without dipping into their own pocketbook (i.e., compare the BPO with the payoffs and the closing costs). 
  • Step 8 - If there is enough equity, list the house fast; if not, advise the seller that you can only list the property as a short sale (i.e., subject to bank approval with a short payoff).
REMEMBER - the bank doesn't stop the foreclosure process when a short sale is being sought, so you must insist that your listing is subject to the seller fighting the foreclosure with a competent foreclosure defense attorney - otherwise you will likely waste your time / money on this listing.

The advantage of a short sale over a foreclosure is #1 avoiding a deficiency judgment (i.e., judgment that can be enforced for 20 years for the amount the property is underwater). 

To learn about foreclosure / short sales / Lis Pendens and more - take our CE course, Foreclosure & Short Sales ONLINE.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

NY Broker Websites Are Actively Being Audited By The DOS | Learn Your Exposure

The NY Department of State (DOS) is now ACTIVELY auditing real estate broker and salespersons websites for compliance.

If you are NOT in compliance you are subject to:
  • Revocation
  • Suspension 
  • $1,000 fine PER violation 
  • Censure 
  • Disgorgement of commission + interest 
  • You get charged with untrustworthiness & incompetency in the practice of real estate brokerage in the state of NY. 
Find out if you are in compliance by taking Lieb School's Video Continuing Education Class, Deceptive & Misleading Advertising ONLINE.

You can also take advantage of our $99 special which includes 7 CE classes (including Deceptive & Misleading Advertising ONLINE).

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Video Clip of Strategic Negotiating CE

If you couldn’t make it to our in-person strategic negotiating CE class, no worries, we are currently cutting up the video and creating an online class version. Here’s a clip of what to expect. This real estate CE class will be available by the end of this year!

Lieb Headquarters Moving to Smithtown Summer of 2018

Andrew Lieb, Esq. announces exciting news about Lieb at Law, P.C.'s expansion including opening up a 40 seat compliance training center.