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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Building Code Violation Law Passed in NYS

Starting on December 11, 2020 there will be time limits to remedy any determinations of building code violations in NYS per new law

The Real property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL) 777(a) has been amended to ensure that no code violations or dangerous conditions remain outstanding for "more than sixty days from the date of the order of the court" if the owner (or mortgagee or liener) enters into a consent order to remedy the issue upon the petition being granted against such owner. 

We expect that this sixty day period will be applied by the various town / city / village attorneys in plea agreements as well. 

Now, there is a rush to fix unless good cause for delay can be shown.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Real Estate Brokers - Guess How Many License Complaints DOS Received from 9/17/19 to 12/16/19

248 in 3 months

According to the Board of Real Estate Meeting

Of which DOS:

  • 121 closed
  • 2 withdrawan
  • 2 duplicates
  • 19 civil matter
  • 9 resolved
  • 8 no violation
  • 24 no jurisdiction
  • 11 insufficient evidence
  • 43 were holds placed on licensee's record to address brefore renew
  • 6 were referred to counsel for a hearing
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