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Friday, August 11, 2023

FOX LiveNOW: Attorney Andrew Lieb on Trump Protection Order

Attorney Andrew Lieb joined LiveNOW from FOX to analyze Donald Trump's Protection Order.

Today, Trump's legal team fought prosecutors over the scope of a protective order in the January 6 conspiracy case against the former president. A protective order limits what Trump can publicly disclose about evidence and discovery in the case. But Trump argues it restricts his free speech rights as a presidential candidate. The judge will ultimately decide the scope of the order and how strictly Trump must follow it. Violating a protective order can lead to sanctions, fines and even jail time. But handling a case involving a former president and political candidate presents unique challenges. Attorney Lieb believes the judge will show little tolerance if Trump violates it.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

FOX LiveNOW: Legal Political Analyst Andrew Lieb Talks About Trump Expecting To Be Indicted Over January 6.

In this interview with FOX liveNOW, Attorney Andrew Lieb unpacks the emerging legal crisis facing 16 Michigan residents who have been indicted for allegedly forging documents tied to the 2020 election as fake electors. While the First Amendment guarantees their right to advocate for Donald Trump's election victory, it does not permit fraudulent actions, such as posing as electors when they clearly were not.

Lieb also delves into the curious case of Trump's unique approach to legal challenges. The former president's strategy of pre-empting legal indictments via social media puzzles many from a legal standpoint, yet it effectively rallies his supporters in the political context.

Analysing Trump's current predicament, Lieb suggests that an indictment over his involvement in the January 6 events appears increasingly probable, given the current trajectory of the investigations.

Key Points:

  • Serious charges loom over 16 Michigan residents for allegedly falsifying and filing elector documents.
  • Trump's preemptive social media tactics might score political points but are legally confounding.
  • A looming indictment for Trump appears likely considering the "target" letter and the progression of investigations so far.

In Lieb's words, "It's a legally bewildering scenario. You can just picture his attorneys at their wit's end, wondering why he's openly taunting prosecutors. From a legal perspective, this is an unorthodox, almost reckless approach."

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

FOX 5 NY: Attorney Andrew Lieb Talks About The January 6 Panel Recommendations and Charges Against Donald Trump

January 6 Panel Recommends Criminal Charges Against Donald Trump. Legal Political Analysis With Attorney Andrew Lieb on Fox 5 NY.

CBS NY: January 6 Panel Recommends Criminal Charges Against Donald Trump. Analysis W/ Attorney Andrew Lieb

Attorney Andrew Lieb joined CBS NY to explain that the referrals from the Jan 6 Committee can undercut the #DOJ by making any charges seem politically motivated even if they are not.

FOX LiveNOW: Attorney Andrew Lieb on Jan 6 Committee, Charges Against Trump

 Legal Political Analysis with Attorney Andrew Lieb on LiveNOW from FOX

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Is there a Connection Between the Back-to-Back News of NYS AG Letitia James Subpoenaing Trump for a Deposition and Her Decision to Stay as AG Instead of Campaigning for Governor?

News dropped on 2 different fronts within the hour about NYS AG Letitia James. 

First, we learned that the AG plans to subpoena Trump for a deposition early next year to question him about whether the Trump Organization manipulated its real estate valuation, as part of NYS' civil fraud investigation.

Then, we learned that the AG would rather stay AG rather than run for Governor.

Are those 2 news events connected?

It sure seems like a strong possibility. 

To get there, you need to understand that attorneys generally have all the evidence that they need before conducting a deposition. The point of a deposition, questioning a witness under oath, is to lock the witness' testimony so that the witness cannot later take an alternative position at trial. We are often misled to believe that a deposition is about uncovering evidence, but that is rarely the point of a deposition. Instead, it is about boxing a witness in so that a trial attorney can direct a show for a jury while pulling the witness' puppet strings to perform just the way that the attorney wants. As a result, no matter how a witness testifies at a deposition, it works for the attorney. If a witness plays dumb at a deposition, and they claim not to remember / recall anything, it is not bad for the deposing attorney's case, it just makes that witness that much easier to manipulate at trial.

Now, to connecting the dots. Why would AG Letitia James suspend her campaign for Governor and announce she wants to stay the NYS AG within the same hour? Perhaps, because she has evidence that will put the former President dead to rights.