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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Top 10 Tips to Sell Your House FAST in Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market

Looking for a quick exit out of your house? Here are the top 10 tips to sell your house fast for cash. 
  1. Hire a real estate broker who will provide virtual tour technology
  2. Price 10% below comps in your market 
  3. List "as is; no contingencies"
  4. Hire an attorney to draft a real estate contract that includes the "as is; no contingencies" terms before you even get a buyer
  5. Use a "time of the essence" closing date in your contract
  6. Take a significant deposit (i.e., at least 10%) on contract signing
  7. Set liquidated damages in the amount of the deposit plus reasonable attorneys' fees and costs in enforcing the contract (i.e., liquidated damages are set damages in case of breach of contract) 
  8. Start emptying the house the moment that the contract is signed by the buyer
  9. Be available for any access needs of the buyer
  10. Be nice and courteous to your representatives and the buyer's representatives so that they prioritize your deal

-or- sell to an ibuyer platform and avoid all 10 steps.

More tips in our book, "10 Strategies to Purchase Property Post-Pandemic: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing". 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Monday, March 02, 2020

Podcast | New Discrimination Law Coming to NY: Notice of Right to Sue from Brokers

Discrimination in housing is no joke and real estate investors are exposed more than ever before. In this #METOO movement, elected officials all over the country have assured the public that they will be enforcing discrimination laws. In fact, we are about to see a new law in New York State that forces Real Estate Brokers to provide a new form to buyers and tenants that shows them how to sue for discrimination. Real Estate Investing Coach Andrew Lieb provides an update to the pending regulation and what landlords and brokers can do to prepare for this new law.