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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

We Now Offer Real Estate Brokerage Video Compliance Trainings & Certifications

Lieb Compliance is now offering real estate brokerage companies a private online portal with customized video compliance classes and certifications for their agents. Certifications include Fair Housing & Discrimination, Rentals (Tenant Protection Act of 2019), Agency Disclosure, Sexual Harassment Prevention and more.

To learn more visit 

Thursday, May 03, 2018

What You Need To Know About Using Dual Agent and Dual Agent With Designated Sales Agent

We never recommend a general form as each situation is unique and requires specific information. However, sometimes in our Agency Disclosure classes we do reference the Department of State's article called "Be Wary of Dual Agency". 

Being a Dual Agent means your fiduciary duties are compromised on the individual level. Further, it's a direct deal where the seller/landlord & buyer/tenant both knowingly waive the conflict of interest permitting you to have compromised loyalties in neither negotiating on behalf of either party to a transaction.

A Dual Agent form should only be used when you represent both the seller/landlord & buyer/tenant. Additionally, no other agents are involved from your brokerage firm or another brokerage firm. You can use Dual Agent if you have a listing & you are acting as a selling agent by procuring a client to the listing.

We always recommend that large brokerage companies select Advanced Consent to Dual Agent with Designated Agent when clients are okay with it. You never know who will find a buyer for your listing or who will have a listing for your buyer.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Agency 1 Hour ONLINE | Video Clip of CE Course Preview

Friday, March 31, 2017

JUST RELEASED | Agency 1 Hour ONLINE | Satisfies DOS Requirement | $5.00

This 1 hour Video CE course instructed by Andrew Lieb, Esq. was designed to be the ultimate refresher course on agency. Students will learn to select the appropriate agency forms for varying scenarios, how to translate agency terms into simple English in order to communicate with transacting parties, and how to properly fill-out the forms in compliance with New York license law.

This is a skills class where students can expect to perfect their agency disclosure abilities. In fact, agency disclosure skills are the most important skill for real estate salespersons today. Learn how to fulfill your license requirement, protect yourself from litigious clients and customers, and most importantly, how to leverage the law by making agency into a value add when offering your services to prospects.

This 1 credit CE course fulfills your NY continuing education requirement on the law of agency (except for new agents who must take 2 hours).

Special Price: $5.00

Friday, January 06, 2017

2016 SURVEY RESULTS ARE IN! Agency Disclosure ONLINE ranked BEST Real Estate CE

Nearly 100 NY Real Estate Agents concluded that Lieb School’s Agency Disclosure ONLINE CE course is the best real estate course on the market.

Surveys were conducted after each student completed the course. Below are some highlights: 
  • Best Instructor Ever.
  • Andrew is riveting and brilliant. A joy to watch and learn from.
  • Andrew can take a difficult to understand topic and make it easy to follow and comprehend.
  • Andrew Lieb is the only instructor that can keep me interested and awake when the content becomes boring. He is intelligent, well prepared, & entertaining. He is the only instructor for me.
  • I think Andrew Lieb is passionate and extremely knowledgeable. He makes an otherwise confusing subject easy to interpret and absorb!!!!
  • I loved the live interactions. Great sense of humor and outgoing personality made it interesting.
About The Course
  • THEEEEE BEST!!!!! Enough said. Period.
  • The best overall experience I've had. Thanks!
  • He breaks it into parts that makes so much sense, and keep you on your toes. No sleeping in this class@ :-) Even online, he makes it very interesting! 
  • I have had the opportunity to take this course in person and online and felt that this online format allowed me to better understand the subject. Particularly the section where you go through each possible way of filling out the form and what type of agency makes sense for what type of consumer. I feel more knowledgeable and confident with agency after completing this online course.
  • Was in the dark, now I see the light!!!!!!
  • This course exceeded my expectations and gave me a fresh perspective on the use of the Agency Disclosure form. I will be amending the way I present the form given the information I received and my improved understanding of the document.