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Friday, January 06, 2017

2016 SURVEY RESULTS ARE IN! Agency Disclosure ONLINE ranked BEST Real Estate CE

Nearly 100 NY Real Estate Agents concluded that Lieb School’s Agency Disclosure ONLINE CE course is the best real estate course on the market.

Surveys were conducted after each student completed the course. Below are some highlights: 
  • Best Instructor Ever.
  • Andrew is riveting and brilliant. A joy to watch and learn from.
  • Andrew can take a difficult to understand topic and make it easy to follow and comprehend.
  • Andrew Lieb is the only instructor that can keep me interested and awake when the content becomes boring. He is intelligent, well prepared, & entertaining. He is the only instructor for me.
  • I think Andrew Lieb is passionate and extremely knowledgeable. He makes an otherwise confusing subject easy to interpret and absorb!!!!
  • I loved the live interactions. Great sense of humor and outgoing personality made it interesting.
About The Course
  • THEEEEE BEST!!!!! Enough said. Period.
  • The best overall experience I've had. Thanks!
  • He breaks it into parts that makes so much sense, and keep you on your toes. No sleeping in this class@ :-) Even online, he makes it very interesting! 
  • I have had the opportunity to take this course in person and online and felt that this online format allowed me to better understand the subject. Particularly the section where you go through each possible way of filling out the form and what type of agency makes sense for what type of consumer. I feel more knowledgeable and confident with agency after completing this online course.
  • Was in the dark, now I see the light!!!!!!
  • This course exceeded my expectations and gave me a fresh perspective on the use of the Agency Disclosure form. I will be amending the way I present the form given the information I received and my improved understanding of the document.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Title Waves - Free Lieb School Continuing Education Class on 6/30/15 at the Omni Building in Uniondale

Instructor: Andrew Lieb, Esq

Date: June 30th, 2015 at the Omni Building in Uniondale

Course Summary: Did you know that approximately 25% percent of real estate deals have title problems?  This title insurance course will help you avoid dead deals due to misinformation throughout the transaction process. You will learn who the underwriting players are and how their respective roles can influence your deal. We will discuss the impact of unmarketable title with brokerage commissions.  Additional topics covered include liens and forgeries in the chain of title and what transpires in real life cases. This course will enable you to take preventative measures to accurately describe your listing and avoid terminal transactions.
Let’s prevent title issues from killing our deals.
CE Credits: 3
To Register: Login to Your Lieb School Account and Click "Enroll" or "Join Waiting List"

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Deal Killers - Don't Let Your Deal Die - Free CE from Lieb School at Viana Hotel in Westbury

Instructor: Andrew Lieb, Esq

Date: May 12th, 2015 at Viana Hotel & Spa in Westbury

Course SummaryYou get the client, spend months looking for the perfect deal, find it, negotiate it and send it to an attorney to close it. Then, what? It dies. Have you ever wondered if you could do anything differently to have more of your deals close? Learn some of the main reasons that deals die like issues with the Sales Agreement, Title, Escrow Deposit, Closing Date, Financing / Contingencies and the Seller’s Concession. Next, learn how to proactively save your deals and earn a commission. Knowledge is commission.

To Register: Login To Your Lieb School Account and Click "Enroll" or "Join Waiting List"

Friday, November 01, 2013

Lieb School's Final 2013 Continuing Education Class is Now Open for Enrollment!

Instructor: Andrew M. Lieb, Esq., MPH

Storms strike New York more frequently with each passing year. Out of nowhere your smooth transaction might be blown apart through forces of nature. So, be prepared. An agent should know the nuances between different terms appearing within a Risk of Loss Clause in a contract of sale and how prepossession agreements change the playing field. An agent should understand the varying property insurance endorsements that are available for floods and windstorms. And, unfortunately, an agent must be prepared to guide their client’s relocation should their commercial property experience a total loss. In this instance, familiarity with Industrial Development Agencies and their tax saving function is required, especially if the client wishes a helping-hand in navigating land use regulations, construction and the varying municipal agencies that must approve a new development or rental. This course will drive real estate agent’s understanding of resiliency. The storm front is coming. 

VISIT for class details

This will be Lieb School's last CE class of 2013. 
CE classes will resume in March of 2014. 
Sign up quickly, before the class is full. 
If there are no seats left when you try to register, login to your account to join the waiting list.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Minute Seats - Divorce Deals CE in Rockville Centre

Wednesday July 31st at 4:30pm in Rockville Centre

Divorce Deals: Selling the Marital Residence

Instructor(s): Andrew Lieb, Esq., MPH
Sponsor(s): Citibank
Credits: 3.0 CE Hours
Watch out! Here comes a headache, exposure to liability and impossible commissions. Ever work with divorcing spouses before? Then you know. Good luck getting them to agree on anything from sales price to showing dates while selling their homes or commercial properties? What happens when they start asking you to write letters about how their spouse is not cooperating on the deal? Ever get a call from their lawyers? How about when you get subpoenaed to appear and testify in their Contempt Hearing? What do you do? Where do your duties lie? What can you say and which documents can you provide?
A divorce can pull everyone and everything into its grasp. This course is designed to teach real estate agents how to navigate through all of the complexities of divorce deals from properly listing the property to procuring a purchaser and receiving commission in compliance with License Law.
Learn about the Domestic Relations Law’s concept of marital property. Prepare yourself to stay above the fray, make the deal, get paid and keep the divorcing clients responsive and cooperative along the way. Good luck. 



Friday, April 19, 2013

Mortgage Contingency Clauses - Deal Killers Follow-Up

Last evening, Lieb School came back to Newsday to start out 2013 lineup of courses. The first topic up was Deal Killers, which is my favorite course of all of our 15 licensed courses offered in our Course Catalog.

A large section of Deal Killers is devoted to not letting your deal die through understanding mortgage contingency clauses and how real estate agents should negotiate the shift of risk from the buyer to the seller when such a clause is added.

While discussing the topic last evening, we addressed a mortgage denial and explained the burdens of good faith and diligent efforts on a buyer. Next, we explained that even if  a buyer engages in some breach of the clause in bad faith, they may still prevail in cancelling the contract and having their down-payment returned if their breach is not the basis upon which the denial occurred.

To illustrate, I suggest our readers review the recent Appellate Division case of Ettienne v. Hochman where this precise scenario unfolded just this month. Therein the contract called for the buyer to apply for a "no-income-check mortgage", which the buyers failed to do and it seemed as if they were in breach. However, the Court looked to their basis of denial and found that "it would have been futile for them to additionally apply for a no-income-check mortgage" because they were denied based upon "their credit history" and not the type of mortgage applied for.

The takeaway for our readers is that while it matters that the buyer applies for precisely the mortgage called for in the contract of sale, a breach may not result in the buyer sacrificing his down-payment (assuming it is the liquidated damages for breach), if the buyer's failure to apply for the precise mortgage is unrelated to the basis for denial.

This case illustrates the exception to the rule where one would ordinarily have to follow the terms of the contract to the letter to be in compliance.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

TITLE WAVES - Free CE on 4/30 (Nassau County) and 5/3 (NYC)

FREE Continuing Education

April 30th at First American in Uniondale 
May 3rd at Chase Plaza in NYC. 

Sign Up Today at