Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Strategic Negotiating CE registration in NYC Now Open

Strategic Negotiating

Instructor: Andrew Lieb, Esq., MPH

Real Estate Credits: 3.00 CE Hours

Date & Location: January 11th: 3:30pm to 7:15pm at St. John's University - Manhattan Campus (East Village)

Registration: Advanced Online Registration Here

Presenting the most requested continuing education course in Lieb School’s history!

Learn to change the game through tried and true negotiation tactics and strategies. This is the must take 3 credit CE course for those Seller’s Agents and Buyer’s Agents whose representation focuses on adding financial value through serving as a zealous advocate rather than simply working from one transaction to the next.

Initially, the student will learn to manage their client’s expectations by establishing and locking their client into a bottom line number. Next, the student will be exposed to the factors that make-up their narrative, both financially and emotionally. This narrative should be utilized to drive the negotiation conversation. Beyond setting the narrative, this course provides techniques to break the other side’s game by mirroring and labeling their talking points, identifying undisclosed invisible factors and, finally, driving agreements.

What really sets this course apart is its focus on law. Students will finish the course with a disclaimer to avoid accidental contracts, a checklist of when a contract first exists and a list of discriminatory protected classes to avoid while negotiating. Learn to win the negotiating game.

Food & Refreshments provided by event sponsor: Michael Bocelli of Quontic Bank

Thursday, November 9, 2017

No More Title Insurance Bribes: Compliance Protocol Needed at Every Title Insurance Agency

The Department of Financial Services has closed the door to the good old boys’club of title insurance kickbacks. Say goodbye to free meals and beverages, tickets to entertainment events, gifts, golf outings, parties, office supplies and the like. Two new regulations, Regulations 206 and 208, respectively at 11NYCRR35 and 228, have ended the party.

Read the full article by Andrew Lieb, Esq. published in The Suffolk Lawyer here. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lieb at Law: Top 5 Lawsuits That Can Undo the Transfer of Property

The first step to determine who owns a given parcel of real estate in the State of New York is to visit the County Clerk’s Office and to locate the latest recorded deed on the parcel. Recording of a deed is imperative because we live in a Race-Notice State and, under the Recording Act, priority of ownership is often determined by who records their deed first (i.e., the First in Time / First in Right Rule). The next step, which is of equal importance, is the realization that a deed can be rescinded or voided, and as such, the deed is not the last word on the topic of real estate ownership. As such, these top 5 lawsuits to set aside the deed should be considered in order to determine if the recorded deed is in jeopardy. Only then, should a property be sold.

Read the full article by Andrew Lieb, Esq. published in Dan's Papers here.