Sunday, November 21, 2010

Department of State Update - For Real Estate License Renewal


Beginning February 1, 2010, Licensees will no longer be sent a paper renewal in the mail. In accordance with New York’s Green Initiative, the Division of Licensing Services will be requiring that all real estate licensees renew their licenses online. When a license is due for renewal, the licensee will be notified in two ways: a postcard reminder will be sent to the licensee’s business address and an email reminder will be sent to the email address provided in the licensee’s eAccessNY account. In addition, brokers will be included in the email reminders(a “cc” copy) for any salespersons and associate brokers who are employed by their office. Both of these renewal reminders will include instructions on how to renew a license online utilizing eAccessNY.

The online renewal process is a much quicker and more efficient process. Online renewal applications that meet the requirements will be approved immediately and licensees will receive their License and Photo ID Card within two to three weeks.

Instructions for Completing an Online Renewal

To renew your license online you must have an active eAccessNY account and follow the directions below:

• Go to the Department of State website,, and select the eAccessNY link (to the right of the screen)
• Select “access” link under item 3, “Access My Account” and log into your account
• Select list of licenses/select the license number you wish to renew
• Select the “Renew License” link and complete the online application

If you have not yet activated your eAccessNY account, NOW is the time. Please email us at to obtain a password for your account.

Further updates will be posted as we move forward with this new requirement.