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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Enhancing Utility Workers Rights: New York Assembly Bill A06978

The New York Assembly has introduced Bill A06978 to improve the working conditions of public utility workers. This bill aims to allow utility workers to have access to restroom facilities in businesses without needing to be paying customers.

Key Features of the Bill:
  • Restroom Access for Utility Workers: Public utility employees can use employee restroom facilities in businesses during work hours.
  • Conditions for Access: Access is allowed when the worker is on duty, with at least two employees of the business present, and when it doesn't pose safety or security risks.
  • Compliance and Penalties: Businesses must comply or face a fine of up to $500 per violation, but are not liable for injuries to utility workers using their facilities.

Impact and Significance:

This bill recognizes the essential services provided by utility workers, addressing a basic need for restroom access during their duties. It balances the needs of these workers with the practical and safety concerns of businesses. A06978 is a step towards respecting the dignity and rights of utility workers in New York.

The Bill is on the governor's desk and once she signs it, it becomes effective.