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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

New York Law Journal: Discrimination Boutique Takes on ADA Class Action on Behalf of Deaf Apartment Dwellers

Residents tried going to management directly, called on their elected leaders and on community organizers and even staged a demonstration outside of their homes that attracted media attention. Now one of them is going to the courts. Read the full article discussing the lawsuit that Lieb at Law, P.C. has brought to bring justice to the hearing impaired and deaf residents in this Manhattan building. 

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Podcast | Divorce Visitation for Unvaccinated Parents + How Raiders Coach Resignation will Spur Discrimination Lawsuits


This episode dives into the resignation of Jon Gruden (Raiders Coach) and how his email reveal will spur discrimination lawsuits + how online sports gambling should turn into online lawsuit gambling to follow suit. Speaking of gambling, we discuss whether divorce child visitation should be impacted by COVID vaccination status and to get the answers from the source, we bring on our special guest Divorce Attorney Evan Schein, who just litigated this issue in Supreme Court. To learn the spread before you put down your coin, tune into the Lieb Cast.