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Monday, January 12, 2015

New NYS Foreclosure Prevention Program is Closing its First Loans

Yesterday, the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, announced in a press release that the first loans have closed in the New York State Mortgage Assistance Program (NYSMAP) to help homeowners across the state pay off their mortgage arrears and/or liens in order to avoid foreclosure.

This program was launched on Long Island in September and was opened to the rest of the state in mid-October to provide funds to homeowners so that they may apply and be approved for loan modifications. Since one of the most common reasons for loan modification denial is the inability to pay off mortgage arrears, unpaid property taxes, and liens on properties in foreclosure, these NYSMAP loans are specifically designed to help homeowners pay off these types of debt up to $40,000. The program has already received 41 loan applications and approved 9 loans from Long Island alone. Mr. Schneiderman is predicting that hundreds of loans across the state will be approved over the next year, helping homeowners obtain loan modifications and keep their homes into the future.

Click here at or call 855-466-3456 to see if you are eligible for a loan through NYSMAP.