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Friday, December 12, 2014

Casting Call! Andrew Lieb's Reality Show Pilot Seeks Neighbors in Dispute

We're looking for people who have had some sort of colorful, interesting dispute with a neighbor, and who are willing to go on camera to resolve the dispute in a reality court TV show with Andrew Lieb, Esq. as the Arbitrator. We will render decisions in a fun and educational atmosphere (“edutainment”). Both neighbors must participate. We are looking for a variety of locations and stories, so you can live in any type of neighborhood, or dwelling: houses, condos, co-ops, rental apartments, etc. Issues can range from your neighbor’s invasive landscaping, to the wrongful removal of your trees, to the maintenance of a shared driveway, to a loud share-house next door, or to being harassed by a neighbor.

From waterfront vacation homes to everyday living, submit your story and contact information to to participate.

*No legal representation or advice is offered and/or provided incident to your participation in Neighbor Court and you should always consult with an attorney prior to determining if you should participate.