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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mortgage Modifications - Supplemental Directive 13-02

On Friday, 4/5/13, Treasury issued new directives to the mortgage modification process.

To read the Supplemental Directive, click here.

Of note in this directive was a change in the categories for denial that give rise to a servicer's (lender's) inability to conduct a foreclosure sale following a denial. To clarify, a servicer cannot conduct a sale within 30 calendar days of a Non-Approval Notice to theoretically give the borrower an opportunity to correct their submission. The traditional five categories for Non-approval were:
(1) ineligible mortgage, (2) ineligible property, (3) offer not accepted by borrower/request withdrawn, (4) previously modified under HAMP Tier 2, and (5) borrower not a natural person.

However, what does ineligible mortgage or ineligible property really mean?

To clarify this confusion this directive deletes these categories and replaces them with the following clear reasons for denial of a modification:
(1) loan originated after January 1, 2009, not a first lien, or unpaid principal balance above program

limit, (2) loan paid off, or charged off and borrower released from liability for repayment, (3)
property condemned or more than four dwelling units, (4) loan subject to involuntary transfer to
a non-participant,

This change is another step in improving the Making Homes Affordable Program. By providing clearer understandings to borrowers and lenders for the framework to achieve a mortgage workout, the parties can intelligently negotiate a resolution.