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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Suffolk County's Economic Recovery is in the Sewer

As a real estate professional I am often faced with many people in foreclosure. I experienced the housing market slump live and in person. I know of the decline in the real estate industry in Main Street and I have a few thoughts about Wall Street. So, as you can tell, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how a recovery can be achieved and I have realized that the answer lies in the sewers. No, not as a metaphor for failure or as a depository for a magic bullet, but instead, I believe that the answer actually lies within the sewers. You see many businesses would like to open throughout Suffolk County, but they are stopped because of our lack of sewers. Just across the street from my law firm is vacant space that would make a perfect Starbucks or Hamptons Coffee Shop, but for the fact that the lack of waste water permits will prevent their opening. To solve this problem and enable economic growth locally we as a County need more sewers. In fact, to protect the water supply and to provide for generations to come we need more sewers. So, I point you all to the Suffolk County Sewer Study, click here, to learn more about the development of sewers in our County. I ask you all to contact your legislator and support the increase of sewers. I charge you with checking out the Village of Patchogue's model of development where sewers are ever expanding and to ask yourself, is the answer to our economic recovery in the sewers?

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