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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Teaching Law Firm - Pace and the Long Island Education Board

For the past 4 years, Lieb at Law, P.C. has continuously pushed the advantages of a teaching law firm, where attorneys are teaching at a New York State Licensed Real Estate School as they develop their careers. The belief has always been that teaching is the best way to learn and it forces attorney educators to know exactly what is happening on the cutting edge of our field. The model isn't original, but instead it is a replica of the medical model.

It seems law schools are catching on as Pace Law School has just launched a "Legal Residency Program" for entry level attorneys.

While the Pace Law School program is geared towards training new attorneys while they provide low cost legal services to the public, as their public statements represent, the Long Island Education Board, a division of Lieb at Law, P.C., is focused on Lieb at Law, P.C. attorneys becoming teachers themselves to achieve the highest level of client services. Therefore, two different aspects of the medical model are being replicated. Its theorized that a combination of the both; whats done in medical school, will be what ultimately results in the best results.

Congrats to Pace and their innovative approach. Your friends at the Long Island Education Board support this endeavor and will monitor your success. Best of luck.

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  1. Great program is carried out here, by doing so new attorneys will get to learn lot of things, in a way a step for them to move towards success.

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