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Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Go Islanders

There is a very important vote for the future of Long Island coming up on August 1st, which is Monday. While this is not a political blog and I am not going to take a stand on the varying estimates that this arena may cost homeowners in tax payments, I will submit that the Islanders remaining on Long Island is crucial for our region's identity, particularly our real estate market.

Growing up on Long Island, I always knew who I was, an Islander. I was a fan of the team since an early age from watching the glory this team creates when they score a goal or knock an opponent to the ground. Yet, that is not why I am a fan or why I am writing a politically charged post on a blog designed for the real estate community. Instead, I am writing to endorse the new arena proposal for only one (1) reason, IDENTITY. I am an Islander. We only have one (1) professional sports team. The team represents us throughout the entire Country as our ambassadors. The team lets out-of-staters know who we are; that we exist. They are the welcome wagon to our beaches, restaurants, entertainment and wineries. The Islanders represent Long Island and it is imperative for our community to keep our team.

Now the owner, Charles Wang, may be bluffing when he states that this is his last go at saving the Islanders in Long Island, but I don't like playing with fire. Let's keep our team. If you are a Nassau County resident I strongly suggest voting YES for the coliseum on Monday.

Thank you. Let's Go Islanders.

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