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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ways Home - Are having trouble making mortgage payments?

Fannie Mae has launched a new interactive video website where homeowners can role play scenarios to learn their options when struggling with mortgage payments. As an attorney, I fully endorse this product and hope that every individual in pre-foreclosure will go to this website and check it out. The video translates scary legal terms into plain English and offers a great explanation of a homeowner's choices when facing a financial hardship. Additionally, the video appears to be Fannie Mae's attempt to employ public health behavior change techniques into our country's mortgage epidemic. The key takeaway for me is that homeowners should not be ashamed by their situation and should proactively seek out help in taking control of their mortgage problem.

Click here to try it out.

WARNING - This video dissuades anyone from using any professional instead of a HUD Housing Counselor. While I agree that HUD Housing Counselors do offer a lot of great help, which should be taken advantage of by individuals in pre-foreclosure, if you receive a Summons in the mail you must Answer the Summons and you do require legal advice. Go see a lawyer immediately.

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