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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tax Grievances Document Requirement

1. Most recent property tax bill
2. Appraisal completed within the last 12 months
3. Contract of Sale (if purchased within the last two years)
4. Recorded Deed

Lets talk appraisal; there are 3 traditional ways to value realty:
1. Market comparison approach estimates the value of property by applying a comparative analysis of recent sales that are similar to the property being assessed in terms of physical and locational characteristics.
2. Cost approach or summation approach estimates the value property by adding the depreciated value of all improvements to the value of the land. The cost approach is most useful to estimate the value of specialty properties for which there is no market.
3. Income approach is used primarily for commercial and industrial properties. The income approach estimates value by capitalizing the income generated by the property after deducting charges for vacancy, collection loss and expenses.

For residential property, the best bet is to get a Broker's Price Opinion ("BPO"), which costs the least and is the most available. In fact, its created by a Broker, not an Appraiser. Just be mindful that a BPO must include at least 3 Comparisons ("Comps") to similarly situated realty.

We will be co-hosting a workshop on grievances ("Do it yourself grievances") with the Moriches Chamber of Commerce at the Center Moriches Public Library on April 29, at 7pm. Please attend to learn more.

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