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Sunday, March 21, 2010

NY Property Tax Cap Bill

There is so much talk about reducing your taxes through a Tax Grievance these days, I figured it appropriate to mention a current Bill proposed by the Governor that caps property taxes. Yet, before I give you the details lets first be clear that a Tax Grievance does not address the amount of property taxes on the macro, but instead how much percentage of the total property taxes in a given area that each individual property owner is assessed on the micro.

Anyway, the currently proposed Bill would limit tax levy growth for all school districts, counties, cities, towns, villages, special districts and fire districts to the lesser of 4% or 120% of the annual increase in the consumer price index. Yet, the Bill would allow local government officials to override the cap with a 2/3s vote. So with this Bill the total amount of taxes felt by every homeowner in a given area would be uniformly capped. Nonetheless, remember that grievance day in Suffolk County Towns is May 18 so get to filling out your grievance forms and reducing your property taxes in the micro. Plus, for all of you who need a little help, Lieb at Law will be co-hosting a workshop on Tax Grievances with the Moriches Chamber of Commerce on April 29 at 7pm at the Center Moriches Library where all are welcome to attend and learn.

I will keep you posted if the Bill is passed.

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