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Monday, November 14, 2022

Employers in NY now REQUIRED to Display Veterans' Benefits Poster

Governor Hochul signed A3913B into law on 11/10/2022 and effective January 1, 2023 employers have yet another poster to display. This time it's about veterans. 

The poster is to be created by the Department of Labor in consultation with the Division of Veterans' Services. It will include important items like tax benefits, mental health treatment, workplace training, and legal services.

However, is another poster really the answer? It's getting to the point where offices are just going to have employee rights posters and no art on their walls at all. Why not make these laws as digital requirements?

Regardless, employers better post this poster as soon as it's available if they don't want to get sued for military status discrimination as not posting would be a really bad look in such a lawsuit. Plus, violating Labor Law 201-h can result in civil penalties by the Department of Labor.