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Monday, November 27, 2023

Statewide 'Freelance Isn't Free Act' Enacted - Real Estate Brokers, Pay Attention

On November 22, 2023 Governor Hochul signed Bill A06040 into law thereby creating Labor Law 191-d, the "freelance isn't free act." 

This law will replicate, in large part, the labor rights of freelance workers in NYC throughout state. The Governor's statement on the Bill can be found here

This new law defines which Freelance Workers are protected and then requires that Hiring Parties provide timely payments, a right to a written contract with specific terms, a private right action for violations, a right to no retaliation, a public awareness outreach campaign, a reporting requirement and more. In lawsuits buy Freelance Workers, freelancers who are denied rights can claim liquidated damages plus attorneys fees. 

NYS DOL will provide model contracts as well as a non-judicial, administrative process for resolving disputes between Hiring Parties and Freelance Workers.

The goal of this new law is to ensure that all laborers get the right to fair and timely pay.