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Monday, November 06, 2023

NY's Bold Move: A Bill to End AI Discrimination in Housing

The New York State Legislature, in a groundbreaking move, has introduced a bill aimed at eliminating discrimination in housing-related AI systems. This initiative represents a significant step toward equitable technological progress and shines a light on a pervasive issue that affects countless individuals.

In a landmark move to safeguard equity and fairness in housing, New York State Senator Cleare has introduced Bill S7735, which aims to address potential discrimination through the use of automated decision-making tools in housing. The bill was read twice and is now committed to the Committee on Rules for further deliberation.

Automated decision tools, based on algorithms and artificial intelligence, are increasingly used by landlords and housing agencies to make decisions about who gets housing. While these tools can streamline processes, there is a growing concern that they may inadvertently discriminate against protected classes. Bill S7735 is set to provide a regulatory framework ensuring these tools are used responsibly and without discrimination.

Key Provisions of the Bill:
  • Definition and scope of automated decision tools.
  • Requirement for annual disparate impact analyses to assess potential discrimination.
  • Mandate for transparency and public reporting of the analyses.
  • Obligation for landlords to notify applicants when such tools are used.
  • Empowerment of the Attorney General and Commissioner to investigate and act upon violations.

Potential Impact:
This bill is a step forward in the use of technology in housing decisions, ensuring that while innovation continues to evolve, it does not come at the cost of fairness and discrimination-free practices.