Legal Analysts

Friday, August 25, 2023

FOX LiveNOW: Political Analyst Andrew Lieb Discusses Trump Preparing To Surrender

In his latest interview on LiveNOW from Fox, legal analyst Andrew Lieb provided commentary on the criminal cases facing former President Donald Trump. 
  • Lieb broke down the charges in the Georgia case, including the RICO charge alleging Trump and others formed a criminal enterprise to try to change the lawful election results. Fake elector documents and pressure on officials are also part of the allegations.
  • The terms of Trump's release in Georgia notably include prohibitions on intimidating witnesses through social media posts, indicating this may be an area of focus for prosecutors.
  • Upcoming dates include an arraignment the week of September 5th and Lieb questioned whether an October trial date will hold given issues around defendant requests for separate trials.

Lieb believes the Georgia case has the biggest scope of allegations and will be the most watched criminal trial in U.S. history given cameras will be allowed in the courtroom.