Legal Analysts

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

FOX LiveNOW: Attorney Andrew Lieb Analyzed Court Hearings for Meadows & Trump in Georgia and D.C.

Attorney Andrew Lieb joins LiveNOW from FOX on 8/28/23 at 9:30AM to discuss the legal proceedings for Trump and Meadows. Hearings could have major implications on transparency and Trump's legal liability in these election-related cases.

  • Two major court cases discussed in the interview: Washington D.C. case regarding election interference charges. A hearing will determine if the trial date will be January 2024 (as prosecutors want) or April 2026 (as Trump wants). - Result was March 4, 2024.
  • Georgia case involving "fake electors." A hearing was taking place to determine if the case stays in state court or is moved to federal court, as defendant Mark Meadows wants.
  • If the Georgia case moves to federal court, cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom, removing transparency.
  • Co-defendants' attempts to argue they were "acting under direction of Trump" directly implicates the former president in the alleged fake elector scheme.
  • Trump benefits from wealth, power and influence in the legal system. He receives preferential treatment like quick release from jail compared to others facing similar charges.
  • The many ongoing legal battles may energize Trump's base but hurt his chances in a general election by making him seem politically divisive and potentially guilty of crimes.