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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

NewsNation: Lululemon Firings: Security Flaw or Employee Scapegoats? Analysis with Attorney Andrew Lieb

Surprised by the recent #Lululemon employee firing story? Allow us to dissect it for you.

Employees Rachel and Jennifer were reportedly fired for standing up to repeat offenders. This isn't a case of rogue vigilantism, but employees ensnared in relentless criminal activity.

Corporations ought to bear some responsibility here. The real concern? Lululemon's apparent lack of proactive security measures and effective cooperation with law enforcement.

Stand Your Ground laws are common, but where is the support for employees standing their ground within their workplaces? Companies must shoulder security shortcomings, empower and protect their employees, and back them during vulnerable times.

Sharing Attorney Andrew Lieb's interview on this topic with NewsNation.