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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Courts Are Closed | Lieb at Law is Working For You

The Coronavirus is Affecting Us All
The spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has resulted in the disruption of everyone's daily lives, including the legal world. However, Lieb at Law is still operating at 100% capacity and working for you.
Lieb at Law is Fully Operational
Lieb at Law is a fully digital law firm. Thanks to our existing cloud systems, our staff is operating at full capacity from outside of the office. All attorneys, paralegals and support staff have full access to our telephone, case management, and file management systems. Because of our ability to work remotely, our office is currently not physically staffed. Please do not come to our office without an appointment. If you have any questions about your case, transaction, or any other legal matter, please contact us through phone or email and we will attempt to immediately assist you.

Lieb is Leading The Way on Remote Closings 
Real Estate Transactions (Closings) are moving forward and Lieb at Law is leading the move to fully remote closings, including requests to our government to change laws, rules, and regulations to facilitate remote notarizations (the only time that you currently need to see another human in a real estate deal). Our attorneys and paralegals are using every tool available to ensure closings occur on time, without cancelation. Our attorneys and paralegals will contact you to advise you exactly how your closing will proceed, and when.

Lieb is Still Litigating
The Court system is shutting down all non-emergency functions. New rules and procedures are being implemented every day and Lieb at Law is up to date with every change. Depositions, trials, mediations, arbitrations, court conferences, and other in-person proceedings are being adjourned administratively by the courts beyond April 30, 2020. If you had a legal proceeding scheduled to occur before April 30, 2020, it likely has already been adjourned. We are contacting our clients to inform them of these adjournments, but if you are unsure if you should appear at any scheduled proceeding, please contact us ahead of time to confirm its status. 

While the Courts are closed, we are still litigating. Discovery demands, and responses, motions, negotiations, and other proceedings that do not require in-person interactions are continuing. We will work diligently to ensure that your case is minimally affected by the Court closures. In fact, this is a great opportunity for settlement and we are working diligently to resolve cases outside of the court system.

Lieb Knows Employment Law
Lieb at Law attorneys are tracking the development of employment laws that are accompanying mass quarantines and the shuttering of businesses. Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important that you know and understand your rights and obligations. We can answer all your employment questions, and we encourage you to follow our blog (, call or email for all of the latest news and developments. 

Lieb is in Bankruptcy Law
We relaunched our bankruptcy practice (previously operated during the Great Recession) to combat the needs of our clients, particularly businesses that are facing revenue shortfalls and must restructure their debts to survive the quarantines. Contact us for a consultation should you or your business have questions about a Chapter 7, 11 or 13.

Lieb Leads the Way
We've been ready the entire time for this. We are agile and leverage technology like no other law firm around. Lieb at Law has always been at the forefront of the evolving legal landscape. During the Great Recession and the foreclosure crisis, we rose to the top and differentiated ourselves as a leader by knowing more about the new laws and regulations than anyone else. In fact, we trained the legal and real estate brokerage industries through our continuing education classes. Our talented attorneys and paralegals are dedicated to remaining the first to know and understand changes in laws that accompany tumultuous times. In 2020, Lieb at Law is even more capable. Whatever changes the novel coronavirus brings, you can trust that Lieb at Law will be leading the way with legal solutions. 

Please be safe and take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones.