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Friday, March 31, 2017

JUST RELEASED | Agency 1 Hour ONLINE | Satisfies DOS Requirement | $5.00

This 1 hour Video CE course instructed by Andrew Lieb, Esq. was designed to be the ultimate refresher course on agency. Students will learn to select the appropriate agency forms for varying scenarios, how to translate agency terms into simple English in order to communicate with transacting parties, and how to properly fill-out the forms in compliance with New York license law.

This is a skills class where students can expect to perfect their agency disclosure abilities. In fact, agency disclosure skills are the most important skill for real estate salespersons today. Learn how to fulfill your license requirement, protect yourself from litigious clients and customers, and most importantly, how to leverage the law by making agency into a value add when offering your services to prospects.

This 1 credit CE course fulfills your NY continuing education requirement on the law of agency (except for new agents who must take 2 hours).

Special Price: $5.00