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Monday, June 16, 2014

Bank of America is Under Scrutiny

Bank of America is under scrutiny by the United States Department of Justice for its unscrupulous financial practices. In order to prevent another economic collapse, the federal government believes that Bank of America, along with other large financial institutions, must be penalized for their actions.

Allegedly having handled shoddy and fraudulent loans, Bank of America is in negotiations to settle civil probes for 12 billion dollars. The amount of this settlement may go up, and if a deal is reached, at least $5 billion will go towards consumer relief by way of loan modifications with principal and monthly payment reductions and other forms of help for defaulted loans. This potential settlement, of course, is great news for the struggling homeowner and represents an enormous fine against the financial behemoth of Bank of America.

If a deal cannot be reached, the Justice Department will most likely proceed with a lawsuit against Bank of America for its fraudulent practices.

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