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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Continuing Education Q &A: NY Real Estate Salespersons that hold 2 licenses

Question: I hold two NY Real Estate Salespersons licenses with different expiration dates. Do I need 22.5 credits of continuing education for each license? If not, do I have to track my credits against both licenses or one, if so which one? Please help clarify...

Answer: Generally it is the first license issued which sets the cycle for continuing education. This isn't an exact science as sometimes agents let either license expire for periods of time. See below example for clarification:
  • If an agent is renewing license B, but they completed education within two years immediately preceding renewing license A, then license A set the two year cycle for CE and no education would be required for renewal of license B. Of course, the licensee would continue to use license A as the term in which CE must be completed prior to renewal.