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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Storm Front CE and IDAs Post-Sandy

At last evening's continuing education course, Storm Front, I discussed Bill Number S5776-2013, which relates to permitted use of funds of an industrial development agency.

This bill, if enacted, would amend the law "to allow for the approval of Industrial Development Agency projects for property specifically used in making retail sales in areas directly impacted negatively by a natural disaster".

So, I highly suggest that local real estate agents support this Bill as it will benefit your community. At the least, take a read and understand what an IDA is and how it is applicable to your profession.

Also, at the course, I promised to provide a link to the Building Science & Rebuilding branch of FEMA's Building Code Resource, which can be located here. This is a valuable resource when rebuilding in the wake of a storm to enable a more resilient structure for the next one - as I said, we do live on an Island.