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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Real Estate Licensing Issues Revealed

Real Estate Broker and Salesperson violations are now published by the New York State Department of State and can be found by a search on their website. CLICK HERE for access.

In the past, licensing settlements, contained in consent orders, were kept private. Previously available for public viewing were decisions on adjudicated licensing issues, pursuant to a “hearing” with an administrative law judge on the same. Now, consent orders are also available for viewing, which are settlements between the broker/agent and the State. Yet, the initial complaints and other documents are still kept private and are unavailable to the public by way of an online search.

This newsworthy happening may create a benefit to New York State Brokers and Salespersons. The now-public consent orders make many more prototypes of licensing violations available. Specifically, brokers and agents should use the same to their advantage by reviewing such decisions and consent orders to enable them to know “what not to do” in practice.

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