Thursday, December 15, 2011

Expedited Permits for Solar Panels in Brookhaven

Recently, the Town of Brookhaven Town Code was amended to allow for the adoption of the Residential Solar Energy System Fast Track Permit Application Process. This will allow residents installing electric or hot water solar energy systems to use the universal forms which allow for an expedited permit application process. As a result, residents taking advantage of these amendments will benefit from a faster process, less paperwork, reduced expenses, and expedited approval from the Town.

To learn more:

Click here for the meeting minutes.

Specifically, Chapter 85 of the Code of the Town of Brookhaven, “Zoning” and Chapter 29 of the Code “Fees” were amended. Click here to view the amended changes.

Click here to review the press release.

Click here to access the Town of Brookhaven Forms.