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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lead Paint Renovation Regulation

Starting on April 22, 2010, contractors who preform renovations involving lead paint will be required to have been trained and take many precautions similar to what is done with respect to asbestos. Contractors will be required to construct containment zones, wear protective clothing, and utilize HEPA vacuums.

Contractors who wish to learn more about the training requirements, should click here.

While lead paint has been outlawed in the US since 1978, its estimated to be in approximately 80 million homes. So this is a really big deal and if you have an older home, this may drastically increase the cost of your renovation project.

For information about lead paint, click here

The EPA has issued this new regulations for renovations involving lead paint pursuant to the Toxic Substances Control Act. The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, is part of the Executive Branch of government and consequently this is a regulation, not a law, but its effect is law in that it provides requirements for the administration of the Toxic Substances Control Act. To view the regulation, click here

It is also my belief that this new regulation is going to spur a host of lawsuits concerning personal injuries that result from lead exposure during construction. This belief is based upon the media coverage that lead related health issues are now getting. With my background in public health, I see this regulation as a great step forward, but at a large economical cost for the housing sector, which is already suffering.

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