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Friday, February 09, 2024

Reshaping Access: Residential Security and Keyless Devices

On January 26, 2024, Governor Hochul signed Bill No. S8036, which goes into effect immediately. This bill amends NYS's general business law, prohibiting the installation of certain security devices used to control access to common areas of a residential buildings without proper authorization and notice. 

This bill requires:  

  1. The written permission of the owners, board of managers, board of directors, or authorized party of residential buildings for the installation of certain security devices. 
  2. If written permission is given, then occupants of a residential building must be given 30 days notice prior to the installation of keyless security devices.
  3. The written notice must be either delivered to each individual unit or be posted in a conspicuous location in each common area accessible to residents for 30 days.

Further, the bill provides that under no circumstances may the installation of keyless security devices obstruct or adversely impact the manner in which residents of the residential building access it. 

To learn more about Bill No. S8036 click here. How do you see the balance being struck between security regulations and residents' rights? We want to know—comment below!