Legal Analysts

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

FOX LiveNOW: Political Commentator Andrew Lieb Analyzes Trump Surrender

Attorney Andrew Lieb joins LIVENOW from FOX to discuss the latest legal and political updates for Donald Trump. Trump faces 91 felony charges across 4 jurisdictions - New York, DC, Florida, and Georgia. 

  • Andrew Lieb predicts the charges in Florida have the most full-proof evidence against Trump, where Trump is recorded admitting documents were not declassified and showing classified documents to others, including war plans with Iran. 
  • "Flipping" witnesses who make deals for immunity or lesser charges in exchange for testimony against others will be key. An IT employee at Mar-a-Lago has already "flipped" and says they were told to delete security footage.
  • The cases against Trump could take years to play out through trials and appeals. Picking a jury for the RICO case alone may take 6 months.
  • Trump may try to delay proceedings until a potential 2024 presidential run, but he'll have trouble campaigning while in court. Lieb thinks Trump will eventually take a plea deal if co-defendants flip.

"Statistically speaking, if I said, our friend, Rachel had 91 charges against her, it's not statistically probable that she's gonna get acquitted on all 91 of them." - Andrew Lieb