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Monday, January 16, 2023

New Continuing Legal Education Course - Viewpoint Discrimination & Symbolic Speech by Attorney Andrew Lieb

Attorney Andrew Lieb offers a brand new Continuing Legal Education course through Quimbee. This course will hit home on the constitutionality of the Florida "Don't Say Gay" Law. Registration here. 

Viewpoint Discrimination & Symbolic Speech

In this course, Andrew Lieb will discuss the emergence of restrictions on speech in public schools and whether those restrictions constitute actionable viewpoint discrimination. Can the government regulate what teachers and students wear and display in our public schools? When are time, place, and manner restrictions permissible and when are they discriminatory? Do policies like the “Don't Say Gay” rule, violate the First Amendment? This course will teach you how to analyze a viewpoint discrimination case and prepare you to fight to protect your clients' constitutional rights.