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Monday, September 26, 2022

Lieb at Law Hiring Complex Litigation Attorney

Job description

From the moment you begin your career at Lieb at Law you will be exposed to our commitment to excellence. We value hard work, determination, and a desire to improve ourselves each and every day. In a fast-paced work environment this office requires lawyers who are unafraid to take on challenges and handle a multitude of responsibilities while keeping their head above water. Managing clients, drafting pleadings, discovery, and motions are just what happens before lunch.

But what this office prides itself on is the strong interpersonal work relationships. Our seasoned professionals are here to mentor and encourage you to become the best competitive litigator you can be. We operate a licensed school and teach law at CLEs throughout the country because we are regarded amongst our peers as leaders in the fields we practice. What is required from you is a tenacity to learn and improve. Expect to be thrown into complex litigation from day one and get exposed to a wide range of legal issues. But to become the best, you need to work to be the best, and at Lieb at Law we will provide you the tools and guidance to achieve that end.

Desired qualifications:

  • 1+ Years of Litigation Experience
  • Persuasive Motion Writer
  • Proficient in Legal Research
  • Oral Arguments, Hearings

The firm’s practice areas include:

  • Employment & Discrimination Litigation: Workplace Discrimination, Housing Discrimination, Education Discrimination, Family Medical Leave ACt, Harassment, Retaliation, Restrictive Covenants, Wage & Hour, Whistleblower
  • Employment Litigation, Compliance and Trainings: Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Wage and Hour, Restrictive Covenants, Family Medical Leave Act, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appeals, Employee Handbooks and Policies, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training, Wage and Hour Audits & more.
  • Real Estate Litigation: Real Estate Brokerage; Construction, Constructive Trust, Contractual Disputes, Cooperative & Condominium, Fair Housing & Discrimination, Commercial Evictions, Partition Action, Premises Liability, Title Insurance, Foreclosure
  • Legal Compliance for Regulated Industries: Outside Compliance Counsel for regulated professions, Policy Drafting, Policy Implementation, Auditing, Corporate Compliance Trainings.


Excellent critical thinking, writing, organization and research (Westlaw) skills. Must be technologically savvy.

About Lieb at Law, P.C.:

Lieb at Law, P.C. is a litigation boutique law firm, which focuses on discrimination claims in employment and housing.

We also litigate commercial disputes, real estate brokerage commission / fiduciary duty / ethics matters, breach of contract cases, title claims, landlord / tenant evictions, mortgage foreclosure actions, plaintiff's personal injury, and all employment matters, such as wage and hour claims and whistleblower actions.

Beyond litigation, the firm also offers outside general counsel advice and counsel to its corporate clients.

Our attorneys are admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Colorado while also practicing in the Federal Courts.

The firm's culture is driven by it's three-pillars of success: Self-confidence, Grit, and Skill.

We support our culture with an emphasis on leveraging technology. Staff have access to a cloud-based legal research platform so that the latest cases are available everywhere, including at home and in the courtroom. We have a secure, cloud-based case management system that catalogs every thought and action on each matter so that case facts are readily accessible at the stroke of a computer key. Finally, enterprise file sharing, storage, and collaboration software is leveraged to enable the efficient collaboration between attorneys where case strategy and document preparation is fresh and innovative.

Beyond our representation of individual clients and companies, our managing partner also serves as a media legal analyst, who regularly appears on TV / radio nationwide. This sets the tone for our law firm where our attorneys teach the law, rather than learning from others, at continuing education events and corporate trainings.

In all, Lieb at Law, P.C. is on the cutting edge of new statutes, regulations, and cases, which gives us a strategic advantage in the courtroom and in your representation.

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