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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Gender Fluid in Brokerage: Real Estate Salesmen Become Salespersons in NYS

It took until 8/17/2022 for NYS to realize that its real estate brokerage law, Article 12-a of the Real Property Law, was flawed. 

Until now, how could a saleswoman function in the state? After all, the statutory license was called a "Real Estate Salesman." 

Ironically, the advertising regulations were already up to date, at 19 NYCRR 175.25(c)(4), which required the use of the term "real estate salesperson." However, the actual statute was still in its 1927 form where the license was gender specific. Now, the term "salesman" is replaced with "salesperson" per S536A.

While you may think this is a ridiculous change and probably makes no difference, it's important for little girls to understand that all people can be anything and using male dominated terms is a macro dissuader to female participation in the workforce. So, good job New York State.