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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

New NYS / Local Government Fair Housing Enforcement Obligations

As of 12/21/2021, all state agencies administering housing programs or enforcing housing laws and all localities administering housing programs and receiving funds from the state for such activities are now required to affirmatively further fair housing.

What this means is that the state and local governments will actively seek to create more diverse, inclusive communities. They will do this, according to the new law (S1353A), by:

  1. Identifying and overcoming patterns of residential segregation & housing discrimination;
  2. Eradicating racially or ethnically concentrated areas of poverty;
  3. Reducing disparities in access to opportunities;
  4. Eliminating disproportionate housing needs;
  5. Providing the public reasonable & regular opportunities to comment on fair housing issues & participate in the development & advancement of affirmative fair housing policy; &
  6. Encouraging & maintaining compliance with Article 15 of the Executive law & any other applicable anti-discrimination or fair housing law. 
While this all sounds grand, it's really just aspirational because there are no concrete actions contained in this law, except that an annual report will be available to the public. Only through calling government on the report, will concrete change really happen.

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