Legal Analysts

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Brookhaven Requires Expeditors to Register for Business or Face Criminal Charges

New Chapter 90 of the Brookhaven Town Code requires expeditors to register or "be guilty of a misdemeanor."

Interestingly, the legislative intent for this new chapter acknowledges a secret truth that no one is willing to say - "individuals and businesses often hire 'expeditors' to assist in moving their permit applications through the various department(s) within the Town. The Town Board of the Town of Brookhaven also finds that no special qualifications or expertise are required for persons who provide expediting services, requiring that prior to engaging in expediting activities in the Town of Brookhaven, expeditors, and their employee(s), should be required to register with the Town of Brookhaven."

To be clear, attorneys, architects, and engineers need not register because they are actually qualified with the expertise to do the job. Give that a thought before you consider hiring an expeditor.