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Monday, August 24, 2020

Homeless Housing: Issues, Ethics, & Options (4 Part Podcast)

On Sunday, 8/23/20, between 12pm and 1pm on WRCN 103.9FM, LIEBCAST aired an hour episode on Homeless Housing. 

The conversation was inspired by the Facebook Group - Upper West Siders for Safer Streets. With well over 11k members in under a month - this group was formed in response to rising crime and safety concerns after 3 luxury hotels in the neighborhood were converted into homeless shelters. 

We start the episode with a conversation on ethics and we breakdown how successful businesses succeed with ethical discretion in the context of contractual obligations and the law.

We thereafter bring on a representative from the Facebook Group - Upper West Siders for Safer Streets

Then, we go deep into the following topics:

  • Real estate value losses / underwater real estate
  • How a hotel can become a homeless shelter
  • Unraveling whether homeless people are more likely to be drug users, sex offenders, substance abusers and mentally unstable
  • The De Blasio Administration
  • Safety, Crime and Police Action in NYC
  • Where to relocate homeless people
And finally, we reached out to the NYC Department of Health Services / Homeless Services and share their response.

The show was broken out into 4 podcasts without commercials. Below are the links: 

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