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Monday, January 21, 2019

Hardwired or Sealed Smoke Detectors Required as of April 1, 2019

New York State homeowners and real estate professionals should be aware that starting April 1, 2019, smoke detectors must either be hardwired or be sealed and have a 10-year irreplaceable battery life.

New York General Business Law Section 399-ccc prohibits the sale, distribution or importation of any “solely battery operated smoke detecting alarm device powered by a replaceable, removable battery not capable of powering such device for a minimum of ten years.” In addition to the requirement that the solely battery operated smoke detector have a minimum battery life of ten (10) years, its product packaging must also state the manufacturer’s name or registered trademark and model number of the device.

The above requirements do not apply to battery operated smoke detectors already “ordered by, or are in the inventory of, owners, managing agents, contractors, wholesalers or retailers” on or before April 1, 2019. However, if these non-compliant smoke detectors are replaced after April 1, 2019, such replacement must comply with Section 399-ccc’s requirements.

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