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Thursday, May 03, 2018

What You Need To Know About Using Dual Agent and Dual Agent With Designated Sales Agent

We never recommend a general form as each situation is unique and requires specific information. However, sometimes in our Agency Disclosure classes we do reference the Department of State's article called "Be Wary of Dual Agency". 

Being a Dual Agent means your fiduciary duties are compromised on the individual level. Further, it's a direct deal where the seller/landlord & buyer/tenant both knowingly waive the conflict of interest permitting you to have compromised loyalties in neither negotiating on behalf of either party to a transaction.

A Dual Agent form should only be used when you represent both the seller/landlord & buyer/tenant. Additionally, no other agents are involved from your brokerage firm or another brokerage firm. You can use Dual Agent if you have a listing & you are acting as a selling agent by procuring a client to the listing.

We always recommend that large brokerage companies select Advanced Consent to Dual Agent with Designated Agent when clients are okay with it. You never know who will find a buyer for your listing or who will have a listing for your buyer.