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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Title Regulation Testimony before the NYS Assembly - A Must Watch

The NYS Assembly held a hearing before the Committee on Insurance on January 12, 2018, which goes into great detail about new Insurance Regulations 206 and 208.

During the first approximate 2 hours of the hearing, Superindent Maria T. Vullo of the Department of Financial Services made a statement and fielded many questions about these regulations and the industry as a whole. Then, a second panel of the big 3 title insurance underwriters discussed their take on the regulations. Next, a consumer advocacy panel and then, a title insurance agency representative testified, which were followed by the President of the New York State Land Title Association and an independent title closer. Finishing up the testimony, the Executive Director of TIRSA testified.

Beyond this hearing, real estate professionals should continue to track New York State Bills A8467 and S6704, which each relate to the definition of the phrase "an inducement for, or as compensation for, any title insurance business" as set forth in Insurance Law 6409 and can further change the title insurance industry, if signed into law.