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Monday, April 17, 2017

NY Department of State Update for License Renewal (Applications and Fees)

This is a direct note from the New York, Department of State.

This notification is to inform you of an increase in Real Estate original and renewal application fees, effective immediately.

The new application fees are as follows: Real Estate Broker Application $155, Real Estate Branch Office Application $155, Real Estate Salesperson Application $55.   

Please stop using the old applications immediately.  The new applications are available on the Department of State website, here are the links:  (Sales Application Haitian Creole)

Also, as a result of an ongoing Real Estate Licensee Qualifying Audit, we are finding that many licensees are noncompliant. The majority of noncompliant licensees state they did not know, and were not told, that prior to applying for a license education, requirements include completion of the 75 hour course, passing the final school exam and receiving a certificate of completion.