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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Real Estate Salespersons MUST comply with zoning laws on their own property

On April 12, 2016, the Department of State was asked:

"As the law states a real estate professional must abide by all laws in the State of New York when a Real Estate Broker is conducting a real estate brokerage at a residential residence, zoned residential and in violation of building codes. In this situation, it is considered breaking the law under Article 12A?"

The Department of State opined that "a broker who violates a local zoning law in relation to his or her own property and transactions demonstrates untrustworthiness pursuant to Section 441-c of the New York Real Property Law ("NY RPL")."

As a takeaway, if you are licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson or Associate Real Estate Broker make sure your home is completely in compliance with local zoning (and your rental properties). By failing to comply with zoning laws, not only can you receive a citation from your City, Town or Village, but you can jeopardize your livelihood. 

Moving forward, all agents should hire land use counsel or an expeditor immediately to legalize those basements, dormers and pools. Don't risk your license to save some tax dollars.