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Monday, February 13, 2017

Caveat Emptor and Why You Shouldn't Sue That Real Estate Broker

When the discovery of a latent defect in a newly purchased home triggers a severe case of buyer’s remorse, the real estate brokers involved in the transaction often find themselves in the crosshairs. The erroneous expectation is that these licensed professionals hired for the purpose of bringing two parties together in a meeting of the minds are the guarantors of a problem-free transaction. In reality, a real estate broker’s liability is limited to the duties owed to the complaining party. Some of these duties are derived from general common law negligence and agency principles, while others are specific to real estate brokers by way of statutes, regulations and administrative decisions. Because consumers tend to purchase or rent a home only a handful of times in their life, their familiarity with the rules governing these agency relationships is often lacking. 

So, when is it really your real estate broker’s fault? 

Read the full article by Dennis Valet, Esq. in published in The Suffolk Lawyer Here.